The magical touch

So many people love porn and they will be able to name their favorite directors, even telling you what their best movies are, and the awards they may have gotten through the years. Yes they do give awards for porn movies!

King of Anal Porn

Possibly the biggest and best when it comes to anal porn is Mike Adriano. From straight old anal, to ass to mouth, extreme insertions, and many other choices, he’s made quite the career out of a specific type of porn. An American Italian director as well as actor, Mike Adriano can be one of your Finchley escorts of down the road to learning all about anal porn and the industry. Some of his top awards include a 2008 award for Best Group sex scene, from his movie “Rich Little Bitch”. In 2012 he received the award for best oral sex scene from the movie “American Cocksucking Sluts”. While in 2013 he got the Male performer of the year, hats off or more for Mike Adriano.

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Bringing the Chicago Touch

JoniDark is another top porn director on the scene today. He began his career back in Chicago, moving to LA in the year of 1998. Since then he’s been using unique skills so that people who love porn can enjoy his many movies. Working for Evil Angel, he’s brought many top titles that many have been Finchley escorts for many young men and women into the world of masturbation. Some of his awards include the 2006 award for best oral sex scene in a video, for “Suck it Dry”. While he also got the Director of the Year award in 2013 for his “Angels of Debauchery”.

The Director From Hershey

Jules Jordan is an American director as well as producer and actor from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Now doing his work out of Southern California, he distributes his own videos, and is top of the game when it comes to winning awards each and every year. Some of those awards go back to 2002 when he got the award for best three-way sex scene from the movie “Trained Teens”. In 2007 he had the up-and-coming studio of the year, from XBIZ. While in 2008 he received the award for the best interracial release from his movie “Black Owned 2”. In 2011 Jules was inducted into the Hall of Fame for AVN.

Star And Director

Finally Nica Noelle is one of the top of the American female directors you will find in the porn business. She’s also had some essays printed in Hustler, and The Huffington Post. Nica has also been a co-founder of the adult studios Sweetheart Video; Sweet Sinner. Both a star and a director, she has gotten many awards from the industry too.


There are also other directors that are very good in the porn market. It will depend on exactly what you are hoping to see when you watch porn. From Finchley escorts, to office workers, to doctors and nurses. Characters and the types of porn you like to watch will guide your through the process of finding your own favourite porn director. You just never know what you’ll enjoy until you try a few movies from a few of the various directors!



Fun Nights in Chiswick

Most other Londoners seem to think that Chiswick in West London is a boring place to live in. Well, I suppose this is one of these places in London where you will find a lot of fairly rich people. I have always enjoyed this part of London, and I must admit that I don’t find it boring at all. A lot of that is down to my hot babes at Chiswick escorts If you are looking for a fun night out in London, I can think of no better place to go that Chiswick. It may not be Canary Wharf but there are still plenty of places where you can have some serious fun.


Chiswick Sexy Girls
Chiswick Sexy Girls

Of course, life in Chiswick is dominated by its proximity to the River Thames. Lots of people who live in Chiswick spend times messing around on the river either rowing or sailing. I personally have my own boat and I love to spend time on the river. It is great and when you work hard all week, it can really blow the cobwebs away. I am a bit addicted to the river as a matter of fact, and I even take some of my girls from Chiswick escorts out in my boat.


There is more to Chiswick than the river. I have always enjoyed dining out in Chiswick and I think that we have some of the best restaurants in London here in Chiswick. Basically, you can eat your way around the world here in Chiswick, and we have even some good Sushi restaurants. I don’t always fancy Sushi, but I do enjoy eating out. However, eating out on your own is no fun at all, so I often eat up with a girl from Chiswick escorts, it makes it a lot more fun.


I also enjoying going to auctions, and we have a great auction house here in Chiswick. Over the years, I have become a bit of a collector of all sorts and I must admit that my house is beginning to fill up with junk. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a bit of a clear out but a lot of things that I have bought over the years are precious to me. It would be fair to say that many of the things that I have in my home are personal memories. One day I may give some of them to the girls at Chiswick escorts.


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